AltRadio, WHRV 89.5 FM, Norfolk

I couldn’t find AltRadio, WHRV 89.5 FM, Norfolk, VA in Roon Live Radio. I believe it’s broadcast by WHRO – the local NPR affiliate. If it’s not currently available in Roon Live Radio, can it be added?

Hey @SteadilyFred, welcome to our Community! I’m pleased to report that you can easily add custom stations to Roon without curator assistance. You can find more details here:

First, click My Live Radio in Roon’s sidebar (1) then Add Station (2)

Then look up the station on and grab the TuneIn station URL

Once you’ve done that select Manually Add Station URL in Roon

Paste the TuneIn URL in the Window and click Add station.

Ensure that the details on the next page look correct

Click Add station, and you’re all set!


Hello @SteadilyFred , I expect you have added the station by now thanks to the instructions given by @jamie , but I have gone ahead and added two stations to the general database anyway :-

WHRV and

If you search for them using the magnifying glass, they should appear.

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Excellent! Thanks, @jamie and @BrianW. On another matter, can you please instruct me on how to change my username to omit my last name?

Post a request in

A mod will change it for you.

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