Am I missing something? Where is the supposed album info Roon promises?

main menu. Then what?

I can get to main menu.

So - where do you want to go? What do you want to do next? Browse your library, play some music? I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you are trying to do here.

I just want to be able to get OUT of the screen in Tidal. Music is playing but I cannot navigate in Tidal.

Should I click on radio? I don’t have any CDs ripped yet. So all I have is the Tidal and I can listen to radio.

Sorry, but I can’t see your screen, so I don’t know what you mean by “be[ing] able to get OUT of the screen in Tidal”…

So now we have lawyers involved.

I guess I’m alone in actually wanting to get something for my money. Old school I guess.

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Isn’t your posterior sore from riding this hobby horse?

I can see the queue. I can hear music playing.

But I cannot stop the music. If I click that place in Tidal (where it should pause), nothing happens. Music keeps playing.

I cannot navigate in Tidal. Even to get out of it! If I try to navigate, I end up in a screen that tells me there’s an error and check the internet connection.

So what do I do in the main menu? I can get to it very easily.

Even in Main Menu, if I click on Radio, it tells me there’s an Error!

At the bottom of your screen is the playbar? click on the “Playing” icon to pause your music.

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Not at all since it’s protected by my wallet, since thanks to Roon is getting thinner all the time.

Look if you willing to accept the present metadata situation that’s fine but please be aware that the metadata situation is only going to get worse since there are no metadata providers providing any useful metadata on any new releases. Not a problem if one only listens to music released 20 years ago but for anything new there is no metadata. And also remember that without useful metadata there are no useful hyperlinks and without hyperlinks Roon is just another music player.


When I click on that arrow, nothing happens! I’ve tried over and over. it used to work. But no longer!

As if the screen is frozen or something?

I fear i did something really awful…

I no longer care about this metadata. All I want is to play music! And not fiddle with anything. I am so sorry I asked this question.

OK - then it’s possible that the device that you are using to control your Nucleus (it’s a Surface, I think) has lost the connection with the Nucleus. Let’s try closing the Roon application on your Surface, and then starting it again. If it comes up with a network error then, it would suggest that the Surface itself has lost connection with the network.

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I am using an iPad. Not the Surface!

This iPad is definitely connected to the Internet!

So… Roon application. Close that. How?

Don’t be! We never stop learning

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Oh dear - I’m not an iPad expert - I don’t use Apple products. I’m hoping that someone else in the firum will now jump in and take over the troubleshooting for you…

I do see a place in the main menu, where I could disconnect from Nucleus.

Should I do that?

But if I disconnect, how to reconnect???

No - that’s used to switch control to another Roon Core (e.g. a second Nucleus) that might be present in your network.

If you disconnect, then you should just see the Nucleus be given as the only option to connect to, so you would just reconnect to the same Nucleus

Can you try opening up Roon on your Surface? That should also be connected to your Nucleus - see if that will control it.

I just had one thought. I have another iPad. A mini. And I did download the Roon Ap into that one. So maybe if I try the other iPad? It might connect to the Nucleus and help out. ???

To close an app on the iPad, you long press the home/menu button to show open apps, and swipe up the app you want to close.
But to be sure what is going on, you are talking about controls in Tidal not working while talking about using Roon. Are you using the Tidal app? It won’t work for controlling the Nucleus (or Roon generally), you only use the Roon app.

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I deleted the Tidal Ap. Just using Tidal in Roon.

Will try what you suggested.