Am I using my new DAC right?

I just got a Toppping DX3, connected to my iMac via usb. It’s showing up as an audio device in Roon. If I play music, it correctly shows the bitrate. The speakers are connected to a Fosi amp, fed by the Topping DAC.

BUT–on my mac, it shows that music is coming from my internal speakers even though it isn’t. I cannot get the DX3 on the volume menu on top to “stick” to the DX3.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is everything ok and I’m being paranoid?

Also–if I play, say, the Neil Young Archives website, I can’t get it to play through the DAC/amp. Only internal speakers. H E L P please !!


Everything is OK! As you have things setup, Roon will play out of the DX3 and all other computer noises will come out of the system default (probably your iMac speakers). This is definitely the optimal setup - you only want Roon sending bits to your DAC.

If you changed your endpoint to “IMac”, Roon music would be coming out of your default audio output. Currently this appears to be your iMac speakers. If you changed your system output to “DX3 Pro” and left your Roon endpoint as “IMac” you’ll get Roon plus any other system noises coming through your DX3 + amp + speakers. You probably don’t want this, but it’s not the end of the world if you do.

Is there a way to get my browser music (Neil young archives streaming) to come thru my dac/amp? If so, please be specific. I’m uh confused :slight_smile:

You’d have to set your Mac to use your Dac amp. Roon would not be in the mix though

To stream Neil Young archives, set up Mac Midi output to your DAC.

Hope this helps.

Many many thanks. I’ll try it.

Also, turn off all operational sounds so emails / message pings do not intrude on Neil’s music.

Good luck.

Guys, thanks so much!!! The gear at the bottom did it!!!