Amarra and ROON

Is it possible to use ROON with Amarra SQ+?
What are the setting to make for it?

HQPlayer is the only non-Roon player software supported in Roon.

What’s the advantage? Is there any specific feature you want from Amarra that is not currently offered by Roon?

Well I have compare both and the sound of Amarra is much better but the management of metadata and files by ROON is excellent and a pleasure.
With Amarra I have the Dirac room equalization and very good music equalization.
Theoretically it shall be feasible to set ROON to send its signal to AmarraSQ so I can have the best of both.But I do know how to do the setting.
According to Sonic Studio it shall be feasible.

Have you compared using Roons inbuilt DSP?

not yet I am going now with this

You need to compare Apples to Apples. I cant see how Roon would interact with it being a third party as it would take control of the audio processing and then Roon would not be able to its job.