Amazing audio file at only 16/44

I discovered this album (not available on any streaming service) through an interesting article (here) on 6 Moons. To summarize the article, Tony Minasian at Tonian Labs has managed to record a CD at 16/44 that sounds spectacular. No need for 24/96. I contacted Tony ( and purchased files for this CD and another one that he did with the same recording techniques. They both sound spectacular. I asked Tony whether I could post one of his tracks so people on the Roon community site could test it. He agreed and you’ll find the track “Argisht” from Hang Around here. Let me know what you think! I sure wish other recording companies would adopt his techniques for non-compressed music.


Indeed, despite the fact this is some type of music I listen most rarely, when analysing this audio as it got played (MusicScope VST) … wow …if you wouldn’t have explained where it came from I would have opted for a vinyl release grabbed in 16/44.1

You rarely find such CD content no matter what gerne, perhaps 1 out of 500 albums if ever, and then we talk about a single track done right, not a complete album.

Dynamics are fully given (green line on the cirle) as brilliant since on most recodings nowadays it turns out of be a static straight line wiggeling around 0dB, sometimes beyond that. Peak to loadness (blue line on the circle) is also a quite good indicator.

Seems to be done by someone with more but one braincell … :wink:

I remember one of the intial Dire Staits CDs, I think to remember it might have been Brothers in Arms, which was similar, since it was used to introduce the CD. Since then the CD was a big step for the musicindustry but small step for the music lovers. Not because it wouldn’t allow for as this example does show but because most tend to simply put things upon it which is nice enough to get ripped and mp3 encoded.

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