Amazon Echo devices to control the Roon server with voice commands

That’s the device type I used. I think you would need to create actions in Harmony and then tell Alexa to do that action. As far as volume control, I don’t think ropieee can control that, not sure

I thought somebody here said that Flirc automatically “knew” the harmony configuration. I’ll try putting that profile on the dongle.

Larry_Post, I’ve gotten all the hardware installed. What do I tell Alexa to do? I have the Harmony skill enabled.

First you have to find out what Alexa names your activities- I like to add aliases that I like such as ‘stereo’ or ‘2 channel’

I presume you have deep harmony working with the remote already, if not, you must get this working first

Then play with Alexa

I have no remote - just the hub. I do not need a remote - just want to be able to have voice commands to Roon.

Has anyone reading this actually used the Deep Harmony extension, a Harmony Hub, and a FLIRC as a way to obtain some control over Roon using Alexa voice commands? In other words, is there anyone who can give me some assurance that once I’ve learned all my lessons and done everything I’m supposed to do that I will actually be able to use Alexa voice commands to control some aspect of Roon? If so, what voice commands will be available for this purpose?

Do I actually need the Harmony Hub hardware at all? I’ll never use a physical Harmony remote control- just want to have the ability to use voice commands with Alexa.

Sorry to hear you’re still having problems-

I’ll point out the Logitech page for this again:

Did you create an activity to do the function you are interested in? (Step 3 in those instructions)

Basically, you need to be able to use the Harmony app to do whatever it is you want. Then you can get Alexa to start that particular activity. When you create the activity, you can specify a start sequence. You should probably have the start sequence contain the device (Flirc) and execute the appropriate command. For example, under the Flirc device, there is a long list of functions that can be executed.

It is enabled and linked. What activity do I create? I’m NOT looking to play Roon over my Alexa devices. I only want Alexa to control my stereo (which uses Roon).
I’m sending back the FLIRC and the Harmony Hub. They really do nothing at all (since I have no Harmony remote, and I don’t intend to get one).

I’m sorry if I led you down a path that didn’t work out for you, but I know I am happy with my setup and it works great. I don’t have an Alexa device, so I can’t help you with how to set it up, but basically you have to have the activity defined in the Harmony app on your mobile device before you can integrate with Alexa. You could create any activity you care to, you can call it “fly to the moon”, the important thing is that it has the device startup actions to send the correct command to the Flirc. Then once that is working, which you can test from your mobile device, you can do the Alexa integration. The Harmony app will do the Alexa bit for you, I believe, so you could just say “fly to the moon” and it would pause/play your Roon.

That’s OK, Steve. I don’t think this is going to work. Needing to talk into my phone isn’t what I had in mind either. The Harmony App won’t start without the Harmony. Too bad there isn’t some very cheap and otherwise useless piece of hardware that can fool the Harmony app into thinking there’s really a remote there…

Just to clarify, when I said “The Harmony app will do the Alexa bit for you”, I didn’t mean that you had to talk into your phone. I meant that the Harmony app will do the Alexa setup. After that, Alexa will know what to do on the Harmony hub based on what you say. I agree, there should be a simpler way to do this sort of thing, it does require quite a few moving parts…

Seems to me someone could develop a Roon extension to do this. I wish I had the knowledge and expertise to do it myself. I’m giving up. I think I will, however, set up a “Roon extension server” with a Raspberry Pi with Diet Pi. Then, if some wizard does develop an extension, I will be in a position to take advantage of it quickly.

Have you read through the Deep Harmony setup instructions?

Yep, I’ve been using it for 2 years to control Roon. I don’t use a FLIRC in the setup though. Only the Deep Harmony extension and Harmony Hub and Alexa devices.

It will take some reading and understanding on your part to make all these pieces work together. In the post above I linked to the Deep Harmony thread. Adam and others there are most helpful if you put in the effort to learn and try to make it work yourself.

What is the purpose of the Harmony Hub? Remember, I have no desire to use a physical remote control - just voice commands.

The Hub provides a network path for Roon, Harmony and Alexa to communicate with each other. Deep Harmony connects Roon to Harmony and Harmony and Alexa already work together.

So the hub can be placed in a closet someplace? What connects it to the network?

Wi-Fi (10 chars)

So there is absolutely no need to have the hub anywhere near any equipment, nor to use the FLIRC to make a connection with any particular equipment - it just needs to be connected with wifi? I assume that connection is made through the Harmony app? That app wasn’t “seeing” the hub, so I’m not sure how to tell the hub which network to use or the password.
I keep thinking… Couldn’t all this be done with software (no hub)? I, for one, would gladly pay a reasonable price for such a product.

Meanwhile, on the “Roon Extension Server” (separate Raspberry Pi with DietPi) front, I’ve posted this: HowTo: Install extensions on Windows in three easy steps

Did you enter the correct name in Ropieee setup’s “zone to control”. - it is the name of your zone in Roon setup Audio. The Alexa should work.

I have an extra hub and a Flirc….maybe I’ll try it.