Amazon HD on Roon

H- Spec Network PC

Ethernet and WiFi over Asus router

Keen to give a lash to see how good it is or isn’t

NAD M10, B&W 707, Chord cble

Description Of Issue

Hi, as an Amazon Prime member, I’ve just got 90 days free trial of their new HD service. Is this supported on Roon - I’ve got TIDAL masters too, but Ideally one should be enough!

Hi @Matt_Sercombe,

This is not supported, but I recommend checking out the Feature Request here:


not sure whether you are planning to support in future?

I just cancelled my Amazon HD trial although it last until mid-December. I’m going to stick with Tidal, Qobuz, or both. I now have a year to decide if I want to keep Roon or purchase some sort of streaming device that does not require Roon.