Amazon Music Integration and CD Purchase from Roon

I had a thought: Roon should integrate with Amazon in two ways:

  1. Allow streaming of music from your Amazon Prime (or Purchased) library;

  2. Show recommendations (Artist, Genre) similar to how you show Tidal selections, but from Amazon as links to open a browser window for purchase.

What’s interesting about this, is you could gain instant gratification via Amazon streaming (again, from “free” Prime selections and/or CD purchases that support AutoRip, which is almost everything now), as well as supporting browsing of similar titles with an option to buy.


I purchase quite a lot of music from Amazon but I gave up on AutoRip as it’s MP3 not lossless.

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Sure, but while you are waiting for the CD to arrive, it’s better than nothing - the “instant gratification” part was the point, without even needing to download the MP3 version and add it to your library. You just stream it while waiting for the CD.

I like this idea. I spend a lot of time on various sites including Amazon looking for new music. Other favorite sites are CDBaby and Bandcamp.

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For some maybe this is true, but for me in this case I’d rather wait 24 hours for the CD.


Same with me. If i do buy a CD with auto-rip (very rare as i usually buy used) and want to hear it immediately i’ll just use tidal.

I would like something lie this too to help purchase digital or physical media. I am loving the discovery parts of Roon. And to be able to discretely link to purchasing options would be nice. AND, it would enable us to support the ARTISTS more. I would hope Roonlabs would be committed to enriching the artists as part of its mission.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, but it would be really cool if you could buy/download direct from HD Tracks. Imagine browsing through TIDAL, finding something you like and clicking on the HD Tracks buy button to access the high-res version (downloading into your library).

Seems like HD Tracks has been open to doing this with hardware vendors (I’ve seen this advertised, but can’t recall the vendor).

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I don’t pay for a membership to see tons of adds! Companies would have to keep it classy like Roon. Popups and such would drive me crazy.

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I am reposting to see about some progress. It has been 8 months since this Amazon Music Integration thread started.

I would think Roon and it’s user base would want to support artists directly. Small example. I just discovered Mother Falcon. I love the song “Quiet Mind.” I would love to add the track and maybe the album to my collection.

As far as I know, i would need to leave Roon, go to something like Amazon, find the track or album, and then purchase it. If I wanted high quality digital version, something I know less about, I might go to some other site.

Can we get an update on ways Roon can allow us to use it’s tools and platform and community to actually, ya know, PAY MONEY to deserving artists.


Indeed perhaps a telepathic link and then a telemetric delivery without having to leave Roon and actually look somewhere else to buy music, oh the bother.



I could make the same comment about Roon’s meta data. I can go to AllMusic, Discogs, WikiPedia and get a FAR better summary of band information and album history, than what is displayed in Roon. I frequently do this and have accounts on AllMusic and Discogs.

But, it’s convenient to just look and see…

Just getting back into Roon after a while away (using Spotify). I’m a lifetime member. I’d stopped using Roon as I am mainly a desktop/laptop user when at home and had switched to Ubuntu, so had no control for Roon. Gone back to windows after horrendous nvidia driver issues with Ubuntu.

Having re-engaged I am quite surprised that TIDAL is still the only streaming / online content service. What if TIDAL goes bust / gets bought out and taken in a different direction? Seems like quite a big risk for Roon.

Are the likes of Deezer, Amazon, HD Tracks, etc… refusing to play ball or is this just a development issue? Many of the new audio streaming hardware products have multiple services available, why not Roon? Is there a software competition issue?

Hi @jayrammusic,

Roon have confirmed strongly hinted they will be integrating Qobus in the near future, as for the others no news.

Have a search of the forum there’s lots and lots of discussion esp. on on the “What if … [the sky falls in]”

Thanks - yeah I get the ‘Tidal might go bust’ conversation is very speculative. Just feels like a single point of high risk. Glad Qobuz is coming.

I must have missed that announcement!

As far as I am aware, all Roon has stated publicly so far is that Roon and Qobuz are talking.

But yes – I think it is safe to assume that it is not the weather being discussed here.


Thanks Rene, I searched the forum and have tweaked my post accordingly.

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