Amazon prime streaming music feature request

Hello to the Roon community and Roon development team,

I have a feature request re adding Amazon Prime streaming for music to Roon. I am suggesting it because many Roon members probably already subscribe to Amazon prime- and receive some streaming music services for free (yours truly included). Moreover, because Roon has been trying to stream music to Amazon Echo, adding Amazon prime music also seems like a good match. At the very least, it opens up an additional streaming service/option through the Roon interface. I am already loving the radio streaming option- and now listen to my favorite radio stations through Roon. If Roon can become a one-stop interface for personally owned music, radio, and streaming services- what a treat for us Roon members (and future Roon members) :):grin:

Thanks for your consideration.


I’d support this request also :+1: Makes a lot of sense from having just one sub and for convenience points of view.

Plus, for me, I am getting a little tired of the Tidal focus on black hop-hop, rap, etc genre of music. Of course it depends how you use these streaming services, and Tidal is great if you know where you want to go, but for generally browsing and discovering, it doesn’t do much for me.


This is becoming a tired meme. If you click on genres through Roon Tidal you have access to browse absolutely everything on the platform. It’s that straightforward.


Absolutely agreed. While I love “the Tidal focus on black hop-hop, rap, etc genre of music”, my old man (my dad) doesn’t as much, but he has no complaints because he uses the genres to browse new releases.

I hope Roon will not lose focus on what it set out to be as a library that uses meta data to enhance the way we enjoy music. Others like PS Audio believe Roon has not delivered and can build a better library software with their upcoming product.

… I dropped my Tidal subscription because of their “tired meme”.

Well, you aren’t using Tidal’s interface are you?

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Here’s their “in your face” 11 pages of current Jazz playlists, for example.


There are many genres poorly represented in Tidal’s navigation. Just try to find punk for example. I believe Roon will fix it, though, once Roon’s Radio will play from Tidal at large.

Let’s be fair, there isn’t a Punk genre to browse in Spotify or Napster either (I just checked). Spotify has a few punk-themed playlists, but nothing browseable.

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Sorry didn’t mean to hope on the tidal rant because I do not want this forum to deviate away from Roons purpose.

Everyone has a right to say what new features they would like to have which was the original topic.

Yuck. I hate that neverending flogging of music I like. Jay-Z just does that because he wishes he was a jazz musician. :upside_down_face:


I agree - although am somewhat new to Tidal, I find their genre organization to be poor as compared to Spotify and Google, and even like MOG considerably more. Also, the musicians enumerated within genre’s are incorrect, and in general I find a lot of missing albums for groups that I often listen to (and which are all available on the other streaming services.

I actually kept my Google Play account for like $8 a montth as a backup and bypass Tidal/Roon at lesser sound quality (RCA connector from the iPAD yikes) for a better overall experience, overall being the key here . Over time I have to believe Tidal will get their UI act together and fill in missing content.

And (Roon Product Managers are you listening?) it would be great if you guys allowed for more streaming service options.

Speaking of another tired meme – if only Roon “allowed” other streaming services beyond Tidal.

The situation has been addressed numerous times. Yet, the unresearched and/or insistent requests continue.



Indeed, Roon are listening but people are not reading.


@WiWavelength actually have been reading up on Roonlabs community and haven’t found anything solid about adding additional music services (other than Spotify Connect, altho was hoping to use Google despite LAME MP3 tech - seems to be a top vote on future roadmap items). If you could point me to a solution that has a clean integration in the Roon UI that would be awesome since it sounds like has been addressed multiple times.

Sorry (as a newbie here) my request elicits frustration Oldest meme of all: unhelpful attitude on forums that are in theory intended to help others.

50 results come up if you do a search for Spotify and the thread that comes up number one in the results has all the information and dev responses in it that you could need.

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About the same goes for a search for “music services”.

So it’s not your request that frustrates, it’s your own “unhelpful attitude”. People here generally are very helpful and friendly, but it’s obvious you didn’t even bother to do a basic search. How can you expect other users just like you to help, if you yourself are not prepared to invest even a minimum of effort? To use a music metaphor: it takes two to tango :wink:

This now has been moved to priority 1A!!

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Welcome to the forum & to Roon.

I think the “tired meme” that WiWavelength was talking about was the specific use of the word “allowed”. It’s a technical point but in order for Roon to be able to offer integration with a streaming service that streaming service (Tidal, Google, Amazon, Spotify etc) needs to make certain interfaces (APIs - “Application Program Interfaces”) available for Roon to use so that Roon’s application (i.e. Roon Core) can interface with that streaming service to run searches against the streaming service catalog, request a track or tracks to stream, set and unset favourites etc.

Unless a streaming provider makes the appropriate sufficiently comprehensive, stable and supported interfaces available to third parties such as Roon then it isn’t a case of Roon not allowing users to use that streaming service, it is simply impossible for Roon to implement it (in any legal manner)

Not everyone is interested, willing or able to delve into technical speculation about how stuff is architected and where APIs might need to be exposed and essentially you are asking for the same thing that pretty much everyone else here is asking for it is simply (as I read it) the use of the “it would be great if you guys allowed for more streaming service options” phrase that ruffled a few feathers. It would have been a more accurate reflection of reality to have said “it would be great if more streaming services would allow you guys (Roon) to integrate with them”.

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I just don’t see surround music being more successful than it has been just because Amazon carries it. It could be argued that the complexity of equipment has been the biggest barrier to mainstream acceptance, so the rise of single-speaker systems would remove that barrier. However, the mainstream just doesn’t listen like that. Even with one speaker, the listener has to sit still. I suspect that getting up and moving around would make the sound worse than simple mono.

“They” have been trying surround music since, what, the 70’s? Only enthusiasts amongst enthusiasts have ever cared. Maybe I’m too old to have a relevant opinion about this…