Amd64 or i686 ffmpeg for NUC8i5BEH?

Hi, new to Roon and ROCK, so apologies for anything dumb or misconstrued.

I want to setup Roon on an i5 based NUC using ROCK. I have studied the installation instruction and I have a question about the installation of missing codecs step.

Am I correct in assuming I should use the ffmpeg file from the ffmpeg-git-20200528-i686-static static build rather than the ffmpeg-git-20200528-amd64-static build?
(I am assuming that the ‘i686’ and ‘amd64’ parts of the naming convention indicates the target cpu… but I could be wrong).

Thanks in advance.

The one with “amd64”:

Thanks for the reply Daniel. I have already read that and it says “For example, grab”.
I am looking for confirmation that the amd64 is to be used in all builds and it is not just an example of what you might need.

Thnks again.

i686 == 32-bit x86 instruction set. amd64 == 64-bit x86 instruction set (AMD actually created the 64-bit that became the standard, Intel’s original 64-bit attempts were a commercial failure)

Use the amd64 binary.

Thanks cwichura… exactly what I was looking for.