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Hi folks. I am am currently running this: Node 2i streamer to Chord Qutest, to Cambridge Audio CXA60 to some old Ohm Acoustics Walsh 3X0 speakers. I only stream, using Qobuz. I had hoped buying the Qutest would revolutionize the sound - it helped, but it doesn’t sound nearly as good as the KEF LS50 Wireless (gen one) system downstairs. I was thinking a better amp might help, but I’m only interested in used gear (everything in this system is used - but I got the speakers from step-father who bought them in the 80s). So, any recommendations for an audiophile type integrated amp for around $1500? I don’t know enough about hifi equipment to want separates, subwoofers - Not sure I would know how to set anything properly. Just want something simple that sounds as good as the Kef. THanks!!!

I know that you were after intergrated, but I’m using the Schiit Saga S/Vidar pre/power at the moment. You might need to pick up the Saga+ but you should be able to do that new for around $1100.

You might even be able to pick up the Freya S preamp and Vidar for your budget

Pretty simple to setup (plug both in and hook up with an RCA) and sounds amazing with my Dynaudio Excite X14.

Alternatives worth looking at might include the Rogue Audio Sphinx or even the Schiit Ragnarok.

Thanks. Great recommendations. I was looking at the Creek 100A, and the Peachtree Audio Grand X-1. Any thoughts? I assumed you couldn’t get separates for $1500 but if you can, and they aren’t complicated, that would be fine.

The Freya S is in stock, the Vidar ships in 2-4weeks. Schiit only do simple and you get basic remote functions.

Before you spend another dollar on gear, buy this book and the accompanying disc. If you give it a thoughtful read and apply what you learn, it will the best $60 you’ll ever spend on hi-fi:

I shared my experience with it here:

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If you are using this system for nearfield or desktop listening I would consider the new Chord Anni. It’s designed specifically to partner the Qutest, and in my experience synergy counts for a lot. I admit I haven’t heard one, from what I’ve heard of other Chord DACs and amps I would have this on my shortlist. Unless, of course, you want a big, room filling sound, which this little thing is not designed for.