AMP Trigger not working

Hi everybody. I am testing my recently repaired AMP Plus and have found the Trigger function does not work. This function was working before I needed to repair the unit. I understand switch 2 must be down (on) on the AMP for this function to work. Am I missing something ?
The AMP is connected to a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge through a 3.5mm jack cable (from 12V output on BB to Trigger input on AMP).

Try using the Mytek Control app instead of the dip switches.

Not sure if it’s the same trigger cable you used that worked before but some amps I’ve found only work with a mono 3.5mm connection, stereo is not always operable.

I found the problem. I need to set switch 1 also to ON. That is to say, both switches 1 and 2 must be ON (down). Apparently the repair service has replaced the whole board and all switches were back to factory settings.

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