AmpliFi Alien + AmpliFi Teleport + iOS 14

I didn’t expect this to just work. However, I’m currently sitting at work and streaming off my ROCK server through my iPhone. I fully expect this to end up being unstable and not viable, but happy to keep this updated if people care.

Let us know how it goes. I have an Alien network, and would set up Teleport if there is something worthwhile to do with it.

Hi, im trying to figure this out. I have my phone connected to VPN and have control of Roon, but how do I output audio to my phone (the remote device)? Only devices on the local network appear.

You can’t without tinkering , Roon only supports devices on the same Lan as the core. You would need to play around yourself with your network setup to get it to work. Several posts in tinkering you can look at that people have got it to work.

That’s what I figure, thought I’d enquire as the OP made it sound easy.