AmpliFi Teleport

Anyone planning to try the AmpliFi Teleport product when it’s released at the end of the month? It might just give ease of access to a Roon at home when travelling…

If it’s anytning like the unifi VPN then it won’t support the address range for the vpn as the existing lan.

I’ve tried the vpn on synology and while that does support dhcp assignments in the lan range it didn’t help roon running remotely.

Had anyone tried this? I’m a click away from ordering.

Hopefully if you get it, you can report back.
I always wandered, but because this WFH for the last 8 month situation I put this idea out of my mind for now.

I imagine it’s like the Unifi implementation,only of use though to existing Amplifi or new users.

What’s interesting how well it works. Do you just start it up on your phone anywhere and your home ROON is avaliable without any tweaking, because this Teleport is suppose to put make your home LAN available anywhere. That’s how I want it to work.

You need the Amplifi Router and their software on your device. I imagine you need to enable it on the Amplifi Router as well as use the app. On their Unifi routers it requires a small amount of setup to achieve the same. But there is no app to connect you just use the inbuilt VPN client on the device. But their is currently no info on if it exposes the device that’s connecting to be on the same vlan as your ordinary network. Ubiquity so far have kept VPN connections on a seperate vlan and route traffic between but Roon Remote won’t work this way as it won’t traverse subnet. I managed in some odd scenarios to get my device to connect and play but most of the time it would connect but the core won’t see the device as a playback zone.

On a computer with Roon Core it is easy to put it in VLAN as long as you know what AmpliFi Router uses, then it should work, I think.

No it doesn’t work like that. When creating a VPN on ubiquity gear they create a seperate vlan for VPN and it’s clients you can’t add anything on your network to this so your core is on the regular network. It may be different for Amplifi but I doubt it very much.

While my network admin days are over, I do have an Edgerouter from Ubiquiti and VLANs are nothing special to setup. I assume that unlike Edgerouter were I have to do everything by hand, AmpliFi handles lot of not consumer level details underneath. Any computer can be assigned to it this VLAN even a manual step might be required to create a Virtual interface on ROON server machine. A new DNS for this VLAN if not automatic can be created too. If it is the same VLAN as Teleport, ROON should be visible across the VLAN.