Amused to Death not showing up from TIDAL

Roger Waters’ Amused to Death has been released and shows up in the TIDAL app, but not through Roon.

Give it a couple of days. If you search here in the forums you’ll find other examples where Tidal has only made new releases available outside of their own app a few days later.

? Sorry - but I saw it on Roon (Tidal) this morning.

Perhaps more curiously / worrying is that it says it was released in July 2015 - which is true for the 192/24 version - but Tidal only streams at (maximum rate, for customers who pay extra) 44.1/16 : isn’t this slightly disingenuous, or downright fraudulent ?

…aaaahhh, I now see that there’s a new mix which is also available on “vanilla” CD, so I retract part of my previous comment…

Hmmm, however, which version is available on Tidal ? Sounds like a new version to me.

Listen to the song Perfect Sense Pt.1. The remastered version has a HAL9000 clip from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He wasn’t allowed to use it on his 1992 release. So yes, Tidal has the new version.

Yep, TIDAL has it, but as of this morning, not on Roon’s TIDAL integration.

That’s very strange @fritzg. I was able to add it to Roon right away. Do you have the original 1992 version of the album in your Roon collection?

Nope. I search for it in Roon and nothing appears. Doesn’t appear in new releases either.

It’s on the TOdAL app, but not in Roon.

Strange. I could be a country issue with Roon. I’ve seen people with similar problems in other posts. I’m in Canada and have no problem accessing that album.

I suggest you post this issue in the support forum.

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