AMX Integration [Feature Request]

AMX integration would be great (Netlinx module). Any plans for this?
I would be willing to code the AMX side.



Hello @starcat,

Happy New Year and thanks for reaching out!

At this time we only support Crestron and Control4 integration, but but I have forwarded your feedback to the team as a [Feature Request].

We appreciate the offer to help with this, if there is an opportunity to do so, we’ll let you know!


Hey Noris,

Happy and prosperous New Year 2021 to you as well.

That would be really amazing!

If you already have coded the automation on roon’s side for Crestron, it would be most similar if not the same for AMX as well. It’s the AMX side that would differ but it will tap into the same control API you already implemented for Crestron.


Extron integration would be similarly useful!

To be honest it is only about publishing the roon APIs and nothing else. All the work is on the other (control) side of things.

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Would be nice to get a status update here from Roon?

The more open they get, the better chance to survive in the long run. Not sure if they understand this?

Hello @starcat ,

I spoke to the team regarding your request, and unfortunately, we do not have any plans to create an AMX module at the present time.

I am not sure if you are aware, but we have a Public Node API available, you may be able to use this instead to create a custom module, I have linked it below:

I realize this wasn’t the ideal answer you were hoping for, but I hope that the Node API helps with the module, thanks!

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Hello Noris
I am sure that there are many Roon customers with complicated AV systems that are controlled with AMX, hence creating an AMX Roon module as well would be great in order to have a complete AV control solution. Asking your customers to create a module themselves using the Roon api is not the way to go. I hope the Team will reconsider that decision in the future. Crestron, Control 4, AMX we are all Roon customers.

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Yes, please create an AMX control module and make the roon experience complete. That would be much appreciated by your customers.