An audio file is loading slowly - slow stutter on high res playback

Glad it worked! Flow control is a strange one as it’s a parameter that’s supposed to be auto-negotiated between the device and the switch. The problem is that with some implementations both sides come to an agreement, but one side doesn’t actually follow it. I had a strange issue with a Mac Mini a few years ago in which it wasn’t getting along with a Cisco switch. Can’t remember the specifics, but the Realtek NIC in the mini wasn’t living up to its end of the bargain and until Cisco implemented a firmware fix I had to manually configure the switch port and NIC.

You’ll likely find that your 10/100 switch works without a hitch.

It already does this (mostly) on the core, hence the large bursts of traffic you were seeing from the NAS. To the endpoint, though it’s still a carefully metered stream into a properly-sized buffer on the remote end. This has a number of benefits in terms of endpoint design and is one of the things that allows RAAT to do multiroom at high resolutions.

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Thanks for this post, been home demoing an Auralic Aries G1 with my Chord Electronics Blu Mk2 everything fine apart from Hi-Res audio, exactly the same “audio loading slow issue”. I though it was my QNAP NAS, so put Roon Server onto my i5 PC, same issue, thus discounted CPU of NAS.

Enabling flow control for me makes no difference, its settign the speed to Auto if I have the speed set to the MAX 1000M I get the error, why who know’s but its fixed, thanks!