An Idea. Incremental build up of the roon folder

While getting myself familiar with roon, I had an idea during the cleaning of my unidentified albums.

Albums end up unidentified mainly due to either no match in the roon database (which will improve over time I am sure) or “incorrect” mapping structures in the watched folder. OK, there are more little things like special characters and other matching errors, but they have already been mentioned and are being picked up by roon.

How about introducing a mechanism on album or artist level, that once you are absolutley happy with the results roon then moves this content from the watched folder to the roon folder. Now it is all or nothing.

In this way you could build up your roon folder incrementally and slowly empty your watched folder once everything is mapped correctly.

Currently I am hesitant to use the roon folder, since I spend eons grooming my files and tags and do see quite some mismatches / low res album art / obscure album version not being picked up / etc… I am scared to loose all my efforts.

Feel free to comment, I also interested in what we all think…

This option would only make sense after implementation of the full metadata editing which is in the pipeline.

Maybe even going a step further and have the option to “Add To Service”. In this way the roon users could share their hard work and all benefit.

There is only one drawback as far as I can see. Who controls the quality of the submitted data? And what is considerd the best quality?

I am ripping my cd’s at the moment and just use the roon folder as a tool. If Roon identifies something that EAC misses then I move it into a watched folder. You don’t have to keep anything in the Roon folder.

How I envisioned this is as follows. See the watched folder as the dump folder in which you throw all your music. Roon will find rich metadata and add it to your personal database to be used in roon. No tags are touched.

I thought it would be great once you see that roon has found a good match and you are happy, that roon moves that particular album to the roon folder or lets say the finished folder, including overwriting all tags with the metadata it has collected (or you have manually edited, hence my second entry). All of course only if you tell the program to do so.

In this way you have two folders, one which is rough and a work in progress and one which is clean an tidy.