An idea: show the actual DSP preset name to the DSP window

In my case I have different DSP presets: one for HD800 headphones attached to dragonflyred, another to the same dragonflyred when it is connected to my AMP+BWmatrix speakers. In each case I use a different DSP preset.

I think that, may be, could be usefull to have the name of the actual DSP Preset been shown in the DSP window (see image attached) in order to visually know wich preset is in action in each moment.

The name of the actual preset may be situated, horizontally, in the top of the DSP window (see image - first-top red dot), or under de DSP engine switch (second-left red dot).

I think it would be a minor usefull addition to Roon visual interface. #roon:feature-requests


This would not be a minor but major improvement. At the moment it is not possible to see which DSP preset is active. Somewhere in the header would be nice!


I agree. I have two headphones that I alternate with iFi iDSD Micro and displaying which preset is active would be a great improvement!

Yes, agree. I keep setting a DSP profile for headphone listening with crossed but then forgetting that it is set when using the same zone endpoint for driving speakers. Adding the DSP profile name under the zone, tagging the volume icon - I’ll take anything that clearly shows if a DSP profile is set.

You can currently achieve this by adding the Audeze presets, choosing a pair of headphones you’d like (:grinning:), then disabling the preset. You’ll still have the headphones icon but no change to your signal path. Save that and you’ll know which profile you’re on from the icon. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even have my own set of LCD-3 :rofl:

Of course, this is a bit of a ‘hack’ and in no way detracts from the utility of the OP’s feature request.

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Much better, very helpfull: Please roon, show the preset in the main window - maybe under the speaker Symbol (I use three presets)