An unlikely merge

I have a weird problem with this album. It has 9 songs but Roon is splitting off track #3 off into an “album” by itself, hence the two covers:

If I try and merge them I get one disc with a single track of the albums duration and another of all 9 tracks:

I have sett Roon preferences for album and track titles to be from the file. Here is the metadata as viewed in JRiver:

I have even reloaded the files onto my SSD from offline storage with same results. How do I make it a single album?

I assume you tried clicking the blue button, bottom right, “Create Album (1 Disc, 9 Tracks)”. That’s what you want, right?

I finally did that and it did create one album. It just threw me how it showed in the edit window, all one track vs the 9. Ah well, off to listen…

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