An unlikely pairing, Bobo Stenson and boy band Five

I fully realise Roon is at the mercy of silly metadata from providers and I wonder is there any way to deal with such silliness.

I’ve got to the situation where I double check many a artist credit in discogs, as I just cannot trust Roon fully. Situations like this are easy to spot, it’s when Stan Getz shows up and I need verification as there is just so much incorrect information sucked into Roon. I suppose that’s why humans might survive, I knew this was wrong by the photo, even before I clicked to find they are a British boy band.

I realise discogs has a fair few discrepancies as well but hopefully Valence can learn to check a few different databases to get rid of these erroneous credits.


Similarly did the death metal band wretched really play on this South African compilation?

No, it was this “the wretched”

I appreciate Roon can’t curate all this but I am interested in how big a problem Roon sees these anomalous credits and what the plan is to address them.