Andover Songbird streamer

In my neverending search for inexpensive WiFi streamers as Roon Endpoints, I’ve taken a chance on the Andover Audio Songbird streamer, which has gotten rave initial reviews. I’m going to connect it to my Fisher 500-C system and see if/how I can use it as an Endpoint. l’ll post up my thoughts here!

How do you plan to connect to Roon , according to that link it’s DLNA ?

It has airplay capability. not a great option but it should be more successful than DLNA.

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:point_up: For $129 and free returns/free shipping, the possibilities seemed too good to ignore.

The problem here is the wifi, not the inexpensive roon endpoint.

Rpi with a dac hat is a great streamer… it’s just the Rpi wifi sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked to do a direct ethernet connection from the Songbird to my router (I have a Schiit Modi MB directly connected to my Core via USB, and it’s peerless.) It’s just that I’m willing to accept the WiFi limitations in this particular case. Not expecting miracles! :slight_smile: