Android app battery drain - close app feature if inactive

I noticed on my Android tablet that the Roon app will continue to hold my device awake even when I stop using it. I think a really good feature to add would be “kill on inactivity after X mins”. BubbleUPnP app has this feature and it does wonders to conserve the battery.

In settings/setup/keep screen awake…what have you selected ?

I selected off.

Does that not produce the effect that you are looking for ? i.e. if you stop using the Roon app the tablet will go into sleep with its own settings ? Only if you set Roon to “keep tablet awake” will you see Roon and the tablet remain active.

Or do I misunderstand what you mean ?

Whats happening is Roon is keeping a wakelock (not awake with the screen on) which prevents the tablet from going into deep sleep. A work around is to use Greenify to kill the Roon app after the display is turned off. That is a little bit of a pain since I have to wait for the app to load and connect when I want to use while the music is playing. I am not sure how BubbleUPnP does it, but it detects when the app is idle (no music playing or user interaction) then kills itself after X mins of inactivity.

OK…thanks for the extra info.

@danny …One for you I think.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback from Roon devs on this. This is a real problem at least for me. Once again overnight my tablet drained over 50% because Roon app.

BUMP…any input from the devs on this issue? Am I the only one experiencing this?

Why do you think this? I just looked to see if any developer inserted a wakelock into the Android code without me knowing, and I don’t see any use of wake locks at all.

Also, to use wakelocks, you need <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" /> in the app’s manifest file. Our manifest has no such permission requested, so it would be impossible for us to implement an Android wakelock.

Thank you for the reply Mr. Dulai. I only have 1 app installed on my tablet and its Roon remote. When I uninstall it, my battery drain returns to normal. However, when I install Roon remote and use it, I notice that overnight my battery will drain almost down to zero. Without Roon remote, my tablet will lose less than 1% of battery per hour. When I install an app like Greenify to shut down Roon remote after the screen turns off, my battery life is normal again. However, Greenify does not work very reliably since my tablet is not rooted.

I suppose it could be something other than a wakelock but it definitely seems that Roon remote is doing something to cause my tablet to drain battery much faster.

Hrm, which tablet?

I am using a DELL 7840 Venue running Android 5.1.

I noticed last night that if I dont leave Roon remote in the foreground running my battery drain is normal. In other words if I go back to the homepage first before turning off the tablet I dont see the same massive battery drain. BTW, this happen on my phone too.