Android App (Roon Remote) on chromebook/chromebox issues connecting

Android App (Remote) on a chromebook/Chromebox has trouble connecting to my core (Running on Windows 7).

If I toggle the “Accept connections from remote devices” on my core the app connects fine. On server reboot it connects. It will eventually disconnect (and won’t reconnect unless I toggle the switch (or reboot the server))

No issues on Android app on other devices (tablets/phones etc) only on ChromeOS


Hey @Derek_Wyman,

At this time Chromebook devices are not supported Roon remotes. Chrome OS handles networking on Android apps differently than most devices which doesn’t allow it to connect to the Core over the network.


Thanks Dylan,

Just wanted to supply the info hat it does work 100% of the time after toggling the allow remote connections switch.

Will stay tuned. Android update for chromeos is rolling out soon.