Android: Fast scroll through Artists, Albums, etc

I’ve been using Roon for a week or so and love the desktop experience, but I primarily control my endpoints with the Android app on my phone and tablets. Unfortunately, the app is still lacking in a few areas, the biggest of which is navigating through my relatively large library. I haven’t found a way to quickly scroll through the Artists or Albums lists on Android: I’m stuck flicking the screen for minutes to reach the middle of the alphabet.

My request: please add a scroll bar or some other shortcut for letters of the alphabet to these screens in the Android app.

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I have asked a similar question a couple of days ago, but got NO response at all.

The flicking itself is a MAJOR problem to me, making the use of tablet or phone very unpleasant. One can use the scroll bar (on the tablet at least) at the bottom, but it’s not at all accurate, leaving us resorting to the hit and miss flicking, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. That means we flick 4 or 5 times in quick succession which then can lead to skipping a pages altogether.

I have requested smooth scrolling or buttons to paginate.

It’s a mess.

Everything else is just enhancement of “candy”, but this is a big problem and I am amazed it’s not more commented on by users.

My primary way of listening to music is to browse by “date added” which also corresponds to the addition to my collection over the years, and to scroll through according to date acquired is a fun way to browse and select music. This is completely killed for me with the phone or tablet.


I hope you/we get a response on this.

Hi, I use the iPad app for control, this has an alphabetical selection button in the bottom left of the album view. Does the android app not have this?

No, sadly, there’s nothing like this in the Android app.

On my Android tablet there is a scroll bar at the bottom of the page for Artist and Albums. However there are two issues:

  1. you cant use the keyboard to type letters to jump
  2. fast scrolling is a bit jerky, I have to wait for the page to load before I see what letter of the alphabet I am at. I think the letters should always show and load whatever page I stop at. The way its implemented now, I dont know where I am at until the page loads and the letters show.

Interesting. My tablet defaults to the mobile rather than tablet interface, and there’s no scroll bar visible anywhere.

whats the screen resolution of your tablet?

BTW, I think Roon should implement scroll bars for the mobile version of the remote too. They should check out BubbleUPnP app. It has a nice interface not only for scrolling but for actions like play, etc.

Roon has both an Alphanumeric shortcut and a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen in both iOS and Android. It works fine on my Google Nexus 10 which is now pretty long in the tooth…and my library isn’t what the drc team consider’s small.

I use a 2013 Nexus 7, which has a 1920x1200 resolution. I primarily control Roon via my phone, though, which is a Galaxy S7 Edge.