Android for Roon & Amazon Prime Video

Hi Ladies & Gents, I have a Q about using an android tablet ( models as advised in the Knowledge Base ). I am currently using an iPad Air 2 with no worries. BUT, iPads won’t cast Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast !! I’m looking at buying one of the Android Tablets.
So my Q is is anyone using any of the Knowledge Base recommended Android tablets for Roon and Amazon casting?
Here are the recommendations
""While most of the Roon team uses iPads, we’ve heard from users that they are successfully running Roon on:

Google Nexus 9
Google Nexus 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition
Sony Xperia Z4
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5’’ T800
Sony Xperia z1
Samsung Galaxy Pro
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung SM-P600

Not currently recommended/supported:
Samsung Tab 3 (7.0, Lite 7.0)""

Thanks in advance



I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" T800 which works OK but is showing its age, starting to have battery issues.

I also use a Fire HD 10 (2017) which works fine. Did have to install the Google Play Store app but that was straightforward. Got it to get a decent size screen at a low cost.

As installed both operate in Landscape mode, I have not bothered to update any settings to get them to work in Portrait mode.

I mostly use them to select and play an album and then let Roon’s Radio capability take over.


I use a Fire HD 8 as a Room remote control tablet. The process I went through to get it set up is at Roon control tablet (Roon hardware). I find it a little sluggish to update when a song changes, but otherwise satisfactory.

I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (SM-T580) and it works fine.

I am using a Google Pixcel C. They may not be out there new but they remain Google’s development platform. Roon is landscape only but apart from that I have no problems at all with mine.

I’m not commenting on the suitability of android tablets, but i’m pretty sure you can’t chrome cast Amazon Prime video from any device.

I have a pixel 2 phone and there is no chrome-cast option on amazon prime video. I suspect your option is to buy a fire stick.

The workaround has always been to use the cast screen option for android. Is this what you are talking about?

I actually find mine to be pretty responsive, however I only have absolute minimum apps on the tablet. It does take a little while to initially connect tho.

That is probably the solution I’m looking for . I would assume that all the android tablets listed would have the cast screen option. If that is the case then i’l hunt down a recent model tablet from the list so I can control Roon as well .
Many thanks.

Thanks to all the replies . I’l go have a play with the " Cast Screen " option .