Android icon of Community app

Something not too hard to realize:

Please change the icon of the Community app on Android devices, because it’s the same as the icon of the Roon app itself, and this is a little bit arduous to handle.


EDIT: strange - I cannot find the app in the PlayStore anymore; hmmm…
EDIT2: OK, deinstalled the app and changed my password - You never know :thinking:

Agreed. It’s really annoying

The App icons are very slightly different, but at first glance, they do look the same. The Roon Community App does seem to have disappeared from the Google Play Store too. I had to dig the APK out of one device to be able to install it on another. It would be nice if it was available again directly from the Play Store.

I just keep the community site always loaded in Chrome so I don’t miss the latest snark, also Roon app locked in memory so it’s always available in under 2 seconds.
Other than that I 100% agree and used to find it annoying when I looked for it.


Thank you for your replies. I dont’t know if I would install the app again, even it’s available in PlayStore, but I’ll see. Maybe it will have some extra features…?