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My Sony Xperia z3 is not compatible according to google play. It is on Android 4.4.4. I guess the screen size isn’t optimal, but apart from that it should at least let me install?

That phone would actually be fine to run Roon, but it is totally unusable as it’s the full gui. We ask Google to restrict us to tablets, so I’m guessing that’s why you can’t use the Play Store to install it.

We are looking into APK distribution options.

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Really disappointed to discover tonight that I can’t access this at all on my Galaxy Note 3 on Android 5. I currently can very successfully operate Roon via Splashtop on this device so why on Earth not via a proper app?

When is the IOS app due to land, so I can use my iPad 2 please?

Not happy. OK, I accept a phone may not offer the best screen experience, but the Note 3 has more than enough resolution to be functional - exactly the same resolution, in fact, as the laptop I operate Roon from…