Android Preview: Suggestions / Feature requests

In a (probably futile ;-)) effort to consolidate the inevitable suggestions and feature requests for the Android Preview app, I’ll kick off with two usability suggestions:

  • As all of Roon’s handy keyboard shortcuts are MIA on a tablet, some form of ‘Alphabet picker’ at the bottom of the Artists and Albums pages would be appreciated (for faster navigation without scrolling endlessly)
  • When tapping Search, it would be nice if the search field was already selected/activated, with the keyboard popping up automatically (there’s no other action than to enter text)
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We have a ticket open for this one already – agreed, 100%

We didn’t have a ticket open for this one, but we do now. Thanks!

A tricky one… By nature of tablet memory management, Roon is offloaded rather quickly when multitasking (just opening up Chrome and loading a few tabs will cause this) – resulting in a full app reload when switching back to Roon.

Connecting to the library / core is slightly slower than on desktop (takes 1-2 secs) and loading the overview page takes another 2-3 secs in most cases. All together, this makes switching back to Roon somewhat slower than desirable.

Could Roon have a more persistent connection to the core, even when ran in the background and/or start up with a less demanding page than overview (is the slowest loading view on desktop too)?

Just musing here. Any opinions?

Any Chance of syncing the tablet with my server screen? The bottom music controller is sync but not the rest of the screen.

Hi @audio2addict – there’s a really interesting post about something similar here.

I can’t make any promises on timelines or exact functionality right now, but we are thinking ways that your state in Roon could be preserved across runs or devices. This functionality would likely be tied to profiles.

Thanks for the question!

Would it be possible for roon to prevent the tablet screen from going to sleep when in full screen/play mode? I like being able to have the cover and song info always displaying on the screen while playing.

Some upnp control softwares have this option and I really enjoy the detail.

This option is on the Setup tab of Settings – “Keep Screen Awake”

Let us know if you have any issues with it @Skywatcher!

Thank you for implementing my request so fast… :flushed:
(Oops. I swear I had been there more than once and I missed it every time)

Edit: On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on my tablet :unamused:

Which tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) / SM-P600 Tried with the charger plugged in as well, but dodn’t make a difference.
Bought it yesterday for Roon, since my old one doesn’t have any upgrade to Kit Kat available. Roon works great on it apart from this detail.
I can open a support thread if you wish, probably better than me hijacking the features request one.

Edit: If I go into settings, turn the always on option into “off” and then “on” again, it’ll then work. So, basically, every time I use roon in the tablet, I have to go into settings and turn it off and on again. It’s a really minor bug and I can perfectly live with that for the time being, you have much bigger fish to fry at the moment.