Android Remote wired issue

Odd issue - looking for community advice. Android remote won’t connect when core is hard wired by ethernet to router. Other devices (iphone, amazon Fire) no issues. As soon as i reconnect core to router wirelessly the android remote reconnects. Its not the end of the world, but seems odd behaviour - any ideas ? Would prefer to hard wire core for performance reliability

I should add - Windows 10 Core with SSD drive etc - plenty of RAM. All firewalls etc off. Standard ISP AC1200 router - nothing fancy, no switches etc. Generally airplay to homepod. No other issues just the android remote, but as stated, would prefer to hard wire the core

Are wired and wireless on the same subnet?

Yes they are

Just checked the AC1200 manual, there’s this option “Disable IGMP Proxying.” Can you play with it to see if it makes a difference? Roon device discovery is unfortunately rather sensitive to IGMP settings/implementations, I hope they can find a way to get away from the very buggy multicast/IGMP world of current consumer routers and switches.

Not sure there routers are the issue rather Roons implementation going by my experience with Roon, Chromecast and IGMP snooping. Only Roon seems to stop seeing devices when it’s on, Google Home and BubbleUPnP and other software that can send material to Chromecasts work fine.

If you have an unmanaged switcj at your disposal , can you see what happens when you install that between your router and your core?

Thanks all will try switching off imgp snooping. Do t have a switch but could probably borrow one. Will tinker and report back. Appreciate the advice

The cause appears to be an interaction between Roon’s multicast-based device discovery and some multicast/IGMP implementations in routers and switches. This is clear from many earlier threads, and from my own personal experience. Other protocols use other discovery methods that interact differently with routers and switches. Routers and managed switches have complex, increasingly buggy software. IGMP snooping and related features are rife with bugs because they are based on expectations about network behavior that are not necessarily true for all devices. In particular, Android devices have a way of going AWOL when memory pressure causes apps and libraries to be kicked out that seems to confuse some IGMP implementations.

I believe Roon is not doing anything “wrong” by the letter of the multicast law, but they have expectations that are unrealistic for real home networks with real buggy home devices. My feedback to them has been to redesign discovery to stop depending on multicast in the current way. It’s a big change, so I’m not surprised they are taking their time.

No problems in my two different networks.

Well I am on Unifi networking and Chromecast works on it perfectly with all devices and other apps with IGMP which is how they recommend to set it up in Unfi documentation to work with Chromecasts Yet Roon doesn’t see them. I have no discovery issues with Android used to when I used Netgear for wireless so I do know some gear doesnt play ball. But the fact Googles own software and all others that can see and send to Chromecasts have no issues and only one thay does is Roon I am a little suspect that their implementation is flawed, like many other areas of the software. It’s something they have to address.

Tried a switch - no difference. I am now fighting to get to advanced settings on my ISPs locked down router which they are not keen to help me with. Will get there - thanks again for the advice