Android Roon App only for display on TV

Hi. I don’t know if it is in the right topic.
Right now, I am using Roon with a Synology DS1517+ as source, and a SotM 200 ultra as streamer (and Holo Spring DAC - Accuphase E470 - Focal Electra 1038Be).
As the system is pretty headless, and my Android tablet is too heavy to keep in hand during a listening session, I am using usually my LG G6 phone as remote controller.
Since my new TV is Android based as well, is it possible to have a Roon App running as a Roon controller “without control” just displaying album and track information ?

I have used an Android box to do this and it works OK. There is occasional corruption of text because these boxes are woefully short on memory but I would expect a TV to be better specified. However if you don’t have access to an Android marketplace with access to Roon then you have to figure out how to side load Roon.

My TV access to Google Play store (Sony AF8, appears as “Sony BRAVIA 4K GB ATV3” in the store) but unfortunately it says that the software is not compatible with my device.
As possible, I would like to avoid adding a box for just that function :smiley:

As long as the device runs on AndroidTV (which the Sony does) roon will not be available - it’s not (yet) compatible with AndroidTV (which is a different animal than Android).

But maybe you could use Chromecast to display the album and track information? There were a few topics dealing with this recently but I didn’t really follow it much.

Oh yes, I made the amalgam between Android and AndroidTV. I did not know there were so many differences, I thought that AndroidTV was just an overlay software to handle things like DVB-T.

I sideloaded the normal android app on my Sony android tv. It worked but it was turned 90 degrees, so not usable.

Chromescast should be an elegant option (my TV includes this device) but checking it seems that non-“only audio” Chromecast can’t be grouped in zones (and in this case if it is possible, I hope that there a solution to not overload ethernet traffic with a double Stream knowing that the music should be played only on the SotM, not the TV)

I am happy to see that this feature was added in last release !
Unfortunately, the chromecast integrated in my TV is not seen by Roon (my other devices as LG G6, Samsung S4 phones and Asus Tablet sees the TV and can broadcast on it). Is there something special to configurate on Roon part ?
Besides that, I managed to broadcast the Roon Display (with the provided network link) on a Chrome Browser on a PC or a tablet. The Embedded browser on the Sony AF8 is neither a chrome or a Firefox :confused:

I need AndroidTV remote app. Please make an androidtv app so I can run it on NvidiaShieldTV Now I am stuck with a horrible app sideloaded with apk.

Roon app would not work for me on fireTV, but i read that it does if you have a Bluetooth keyboard. I don’t and so I installed the Aircast app on fireTV and tablet. This is a Miracast app and works quite well and sufficiently quick.