Android Roon Remote link still points to B1159

Problem is as the topic states. Can not download B1160. Tried 2 times. Experience others the same or is it just me?

I first installed manually. 5 minutes later the Playstore also offered me an Update, that I also did.
In any way the App still freezes immediately after starting it, so I can not even check the version…

Yes still 1159 for me too.

I already have 1160 and ARC 84 through the Play Store beta

Play store in Norway still on 1149 and has been since November 8th.

Does it say “Beta” for Roon/ARC?

Sure does.
Its 1148 actually, didnt have glasses on earlier

That seems very weird because 1148 was a production release:

and I can’t find 1148 being mentioned in either the older, archived, or current earlyrelease categories

Ive lost track the last few releases to be honest.
Play store here has been slow since end of summer.

Ive just been downloading the apk for remote app as linked in the release notes.

Beta Arc in play store here is B84.

1160 early access appeared in play store here whilst sleeping.

I can’t find any “beta” or “early access” release in the Google Play Store. :thinking:

Are you signed up to beta prog in play store?
What country are you in?

I actually don’t know how this works now with the public earlyaccess. Previously, when it was a closed group, we signed up on a Roon page and Roon arranged for us to be added to the Roon Beta in the Play Store. When tapping Roon Remote or ARC in the Store, it shows “Roon Remote (Beta)”, i.e., there are no separate Beta entries for the apps.

I had to enable the beta version in the Play Store as explained in the info of the early access program:

Important: To get the beta version of an app, the app must already be installed on your device.

1. Open the Play Store.
2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
3. Tap Manage apps & devices → Installed.
4. Tap the Roon app to open its detail page.
5. Under “Join the beta,” tap Join → Join.


I got 1160 Roon Remote and ARC build 84 this morning from the UK play store.

I always installed the .apk manually, but this is probably easier. :wink:

Roon ARC hasn’t been updated yet, if I am correct? (Play Store and/or Direct Link)

Yes I got ARC this morning from the Play Store, make sure you are enrolled in the beta on the play store app

Hmm, there’s no sign of the latest version of Roon ARC here. (Play Store Europe / Netherlands)
Roon Remote is the latest early access build.

Odd, I got both ARC build 84 and Roon Remote build 1160 from the Play Store yesterday - and I’m also in the Netherlands…