Android Roon, Roon ARC versus USB Audio Player Pro

While the dogs are resting and my girlfriend is watching her favorite series, I’m preparing a meal wearing my Audioquest Nighthawk headphone connected to a red Dreagonfly plugged in to my Android Cat S62 Pro. I start Melody Gardot’s album The Absence, a 24 bits 96KHz album using Roon’s Android app. The music plays over the miniature build in phone speakers, so I switch to Roon Arc which wakes up my Nighthawk. But the dragonfly shines blue, meaning 48KHz sampling. Checking the audio path it shows a sample conversion from 96KHz to 48KHz. Why would that be? I shut down Roon Arc and start the USB Audio Player PRO app from eXtream Software Development. Now Melody and her band play bit perfect making the dragonfly shine magenta, meaning 96KHz sampling and making me happy. Why is Roon Arc converting the sampling rate?

Did you switch on the “Enable USB Driver BETA” in ARC settings?

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Check in the developper settings if the Bitrate is set on 48khz… It is just a suggestion i never tried it.

Ah…yes of course! I had re-installed Arc due to connection issues. But those were solved with the lates Roon update. And I forgot the USB driver BETA option I found before. Thanks!