Andy Bell in the band Ride is not also in the band Erasure

When I click on the band member Andy Bell in Ride I am taken to the bio of Andy Bell from erasure, Ride albums are also present in this bio.

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Thanks @booped. Edit made.

Hi @joel,

Resurrecting this thread because the bio for Andy Bell (of Ride) appears to be accompanied by a picture of Andy Bell (singer of Erasure).


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Hi Ian, our metadata on the backend look correct here. i.e. The bio does not match up with a picture of the Erasure Andy Bell. Have you done any artist merging or image edits?

Without any edits, I’d expect you to have this image:

It’s the same for me as well, I have not merged any artists.

This one shows two Andy Bells both the one from Erasure.

Thanks Simon. I just did a search and got Welsh Andy Bell with the wrong image :confused:

Roping in @support proper here.

Oh, have either of you reported a bad image to allmusic? There’s a chance that this changed very recently.

I haven’t reported a bad image to Allmusic but when I look on their website, the images for each of the Andy Bells appear to be correct. Therefore I don’t think there is a bad image to report to them.

Thanks Ian. We’ll have to dig a little deeper here.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your quick reply earlier. I responded by e-mail but I don’t think it worked…

I’ve not done any editing or merging, but I don’t have the artist image from your earlier post. This is what the Artist Editor shows:

I have just noticed some further strange behaviour – if I click on the artist photo from the Search Results page, the artist bio page has an image of the artist in a small circle. Clicking the < back arrow and then clicking the artist again, the image becomes a full width image. Repeating this then alternates between the image in the circle and the full width!

None of this particularly bothers me, but thought you might want to know.



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Hi @Ian_Grant1 and @Simon_Arnold3. I’ve discussed this internally; the best course of action in this case is for you to do a manual image edit. Apologies for the inconvenience.

this is still a problem I get Andy from Erasure on every albums with Oasis, Ride and Beady Eye and it’s not only the picture that is wrong.

Indeed. Andy Bell is not Andy Bell

I think the incorrect link comes from TIDAL.

On “Cherry Cola”, which Andy Bell should it be?

Hi @joel ,
It should be the middle Andy Bell, not the left Andy Bell.

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It appears the two Andy Bells are mixed up on Qobuz as well using the Qobuz app.

Hey guys, I’ve contacted both TIDAL and Qobuz about this; let’s see what happens…

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