Annoying popup above timeline of a song in Now Playing screen

When I’m in an album listing, a song starts and then jumps to the Now Playing screen, there’s an annoying pop over the timeline of that song telling me it’s playing x songs.
It disappears again in a few seconds but during that time I cannot use the timeline to scroll through that number and I have to wait until the popup is gone.
I love doing that in Tidal music, just scrolling through music and songs and discovering new songs that I might like.
If it is a single song that is not a problem but I sometimes browse through many songs and that is no longer fun.

I really would like to have the option to disable that pop-up, or at least kill it when you jump from album overview to the Now Playing screen.

I suggest that you post this in the Feature Request section. If you want, I can move it over for you.

Hi Daniel, you are right, thanks for pointing that out. I moved it already :smiley:


No one? :confused:

If you are looking for a comment from roon they hardly ever comment on feature requests other than to say they read them.

Thanks Ged, i will just wait until they change this behavior :+1: