Annoying Warning Message


I have got remote access over OpenVPN working in a few short minutes including local play on the devices, however when WiFi is not running the android app gives a message saying “No WiFI” and goes no further. I have to turn on WiFi to progress. This is unecessary and I shoould be able to get rid of the message. I can understand the need for the warning, but it should be my choice or an advanced option.



Using Roon over VPN is unsupported (at least at this time its not a feature) so if there is no issue within your Home/Roon network using this device then this is unlikely to get much attention.

I don’t believe there is an option for mobile devices to run with LAN based connections so the wifi being there is likely a mandatory setting.

I might try this with a LAN connection on iOS device if I can find a workable lan interface but I am guessing its going result in a similar situation.

What happens if you use the device on LAN and no wifi inside your network?

The system works over VPN.
The only thing stopping it is the warning message.
I think you may be confused over what network is being used. I can use the system over mobile data/cellular data. I turned off WiFi deliberately to force the phone to go outside my network. The “LAN” is irrelevant. A phone will always connect wirelessly either over WiFi because you’re in the house or over mobile/someone else’s WiFi when away. There true mandatory requirement is for a network connection, not WiFi per se.

I appreciate there is no support at the moment, but if they really want to do scenarios like listening in your car, or at a second home, then this is the kind of think they’ll need to think about.

I’ve set it up so my kids can access certain CDs they have purchased and ripped at their Mum’s house and using their phone. I have FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) so I have 80/16 Mbps speeds and can stream fast enough. Equally I could easily set up a virtual host to do this from a rentable cloud/datacentre.

A unified interface to music is a very attractive prospect.

OK I was assuming a tablet…My bad…you mean Mobile ready devices over LTE/3/4G

That said Roon is not designed to support Mobile connectivity so don’t expect any support on this any time soon.