Annual vs lifetime (tough decision)

If the yearly subscription was cheaper (say, $79/year), I probably would have stuck with yearly. Something about the psychological barrier of over $99 makes it seem more expensive than it really is. So, during the last sale I went for the lifetime. I use Roon to manage a large collection of hi-res music so it is worth it to me.

If Roon changed its subscription model to monthly and charged, say, $7.99/month, people would not think twice about it.

Oh, I see there IS a monthly option now. $12.99 month.

Just switch to the metric calendar! The 12 month imperial calendar is what’s throwing your $99 barrier red flag (still $9.99 a month).

*sorry for my terrible attempt at humor after a long day.

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I fully agree but still it can be great to have Roon.
But no !! Spotify
No discount to people who already did pay many years is awful and absolutely not sympathatic.
Also therefor I don’t trust it as a good investment.
I only want a one time buy with trust and not annual of monthly paying this absurd price of €12,0 per month.
I also am curious whether they delete this remark or not. if not that’s gaining trust: so good.

There’s a long #feedback:feature-suggestions topic on this, check out this post … if you wish to comment further can I ask you do so in that topic so we don’t drift off topic here.

Roon have previously commented, that whilst lifetime was good for them in the beginning (their startup phase if you like) it’s less so now that their company is more mature. However, at present they still offer a lifetime option for those that preferer it.

We as customers want Roon to be successful, and to be able to continuously develop their product for many years … for that to happen they need regular income to balance the books, a “rent to buy” model I’d suggest is worse case option to achieve that.

Lifetime is available, if that’s what you want go for it. If you need to spread cost then you could look at 3rd party credit options.

It’s fine to have different views, we just ask the people respect one another on here.
See FAQ - Roon Labs Community for the guidelines.


I recommend Lifetime - just did it this morning and it’s feeling gooood :smiley:

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I was the first Roon lifetimer (bought it the day Roon was launched), and I haven’t regretted it, even though I have been on/off several times. I always keep coming back. You won’t regret it.


I had an annual subscription to Roon for five years, but recently upgraded to a lifetime membership. I wish I’d done it sooner, but I don’t think it’s awful that they didn’t offer me a discount. Why would they?

Lifetime would seem the obvious choice then :slight_smile:

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I am 6 years in and still annual. With hindsight and if I was younger I would have gone lifetime years ago.

My renewal is in the New Year and I will then be faced with the same choice as you. I am leaning towards lifetime despite my sunk costs but there are now deep architectural changes afoot at roon. A lot of my decision will revolve around how well roon pull off legacy support for large heavily groomed local libraries as they move the code base into the cloud. So in all likelihood I will probably put the decision off another year. Ho hum.

Lifetimer after 2 years.

I was halfway through my 2nd annual sub with Roon when I decided this week to go lifetime. Thing that pulled me over was that until the end of this year you can get annual and lifetime quite a bit cheaper. Next year their prices will go up quite a bit.

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I missed that. Where did you see pricing plans for next year?

I’ve recently received an e-mail from Roon describing the coming change. And I’ve found this lengthy topic on the forum

Thanks. I remember now but I wasn’t paying attention. I see what you mean.

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If you are considering lifetime, then you’ll best do so before the end of the year. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, that would be an easy decision for me (lifetime) if roon had a fix (even temporary) for search problems where legacy local libraries have a lot of large box-sets.

To me, it’s an easy decision…Do you really like Roon and it works for you? Do you intend to stay with Roon for 4 or 5 years, maybe more? Can you afford a one time expenditure of $700 here at Christmas (Hanukkah) time? If the answer to ALL of these is yes, go for it. If the answer to any of these is no, stick with annual.

The break-even is 4.7 years if you pay $700 to avoid annual at $150. If you wait for the price to go up to $830, the break-even is 5.5 years.

I do complain about what I don’t like. But Roon is inescapable to me now.

I am a lifetime subscriber since July 2015. And don’t regret it. And today I would make the same commitment.

you must have missed the emails (spam folder?)

additionally, our website notes the current and new pricing in a quite absurdly banana-colored panel that can’t be missed.

It’s frustrating that you missed this news… we really tried to make sure no one missed it, to avoid the perceived unfairness of the last price increase.

In the post here announcing it, you can see what we learned about what the user expectations were and what we’ve did this time to address them: