"anomalous zones of material" discovered in Antarctica!

For all you deep-core geologists out there – you know who you are! – well, there’s been a development.

Seismology studies of Antarctic regions have revealed something new.

As we all know, the core of the earth is thought to be a bizarre crystal of iron, thousands of miles across, with a structure unknown under normal conditions of temperature and pressure. Covering this is another gigantic layer of whirling molten iron, laced with radioactive compounds of radium, thorium, and uranium which keep it seething. But now, on top of all this, there appears to be layers of what one geophysicist has carefully called “anomalous” zones of “material”!

What “material” comprises these “zones”? Where does said material come from? One speculator has advanced the idea that they are the remains of ancient ocean crusts, buried over millions of years. Why were they buried?!? Who was trying to cover up what with that burial?

Furthermore, it is possible that these layers surround the molten core over the entire surface of the core! That’s right, under your very feet! What effect does this have on SQ? And is that effect going to change as the earth’s core starts to rotate, again, as we know is happening?!?