Another Search Fail

Tried a search for the band King King. Top result was B.B. King. The actual match was the 17th artist listed, even behind Elvis Presley who is admittedly “the King”. Hard to understand why Roon favors popular artists over top matches even when one is available.

You’ll no doubt be annoyed to know that when I search for “King King” King King is a mere 13th in the possible artists Roon proffers. Though why you would bother to click on the “more” button to find that out, given that the first 6 artists don’t match I don’t know. @danny said a month ago that

but I have had no feedback since, so who knows?

There are many instances of partial matches being preferred to direct hits.

Although B.B. King is “top result”, King King is the top spot under “Artists”.

Not for me. B B King is in top spot under artists. King King is 13th.

I’m using it on an iPad Pro. Maybe the platform makes a difference?

Possibly Roon attempts to bias search towards your own library, hence the Kings Singers and Robert King in my results. I can kinda see why they might think that is a good idea, but they miss the obvious direct hit which IMO, and evidently that of the o/p, should take precedence. And I’m using a 10.5” iPad Pro. Can’t imagine why that should make a difference.

And as usual, Qobuz nails it.

Try using “King King” in quotes instead…when I do that they come up second in the list of artists.

For me, King’s Singers is #3 and King Tubby #5. Who?? If it was biases to what is in my library, B.B. would be #1, followed by, Albert King, Freddie King, Ben E. King, and Earl King.

Interesting. Using quotes moved King King up to fourth on my artist list. Can’t imagine why that would make a difference since Roon doesn’t use qualifiers in their searches. Or do they…

Maybe Roon randomizes their search results.

Ha! If I search for “king king queen king prince” King King climbs to 6th in the results for Artist! Better than the 13th I got with King King on its own. What can you say?

And if I try “king-king” … King King is the first Artist.

It really is quite embarrassing how bad search is in Roon these days given how long it’s been out. The fundamentals of a music library is to aid you to find the music you want, not bury it.

Both Spotify and Tidal nail it. Although with Spotify it’s not that top hit.


Roon recently hired a staff of developers whose specialty is Search design. Hopefully before too long we will start to see some results,

How did they find them?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Maybe they used Roon.

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