Antipodes CX/EX combo, who has this or had it?

I have been offered a barely year old Antipodes CX/EX combo at a crazy price and am seriously tempted.
Interested in hearing from anyone here who actually has this combo or has used this combo with the CX running the Roon server and the EX being the end point.

At present I run server on an old Nuc 7i3 which is doing the job but is older and a Lumin T2 does double duty of streamer and Dac.

Obviously this sounds spectacular however as the CX/EX combo is slightly North of 10k mrsp one has to wonder what extra it might bring to the table?

My amp is a Mark Levinson ML585 and speakers are Spatial Audio Triode Masters.

Thank you and stay safe!

There is a lot of discussion on the sound of the EX/CX combo around if you look for it. Check Whatsbestforum, and reviewers for example. Christian Punter at, has CX/EX reviews and has used them as references. But you have a streaming DAC, how do you plan to use them with the T2?
I’m breaking in an Antipodes K50 and am very pleased with it. Although do plan on LAN treatment with any of these units, i.e. switches or ethernet regenerators etc.

The reason for so many cheap CX/EX units now is the new K and S lines at Antipodes but they’ve had good reputations all along.

Thank you for the information!
I will check some of those sites out.

I would not be using the T2 if I went with the CX/EX combo.
It would be a replacement for the Nuc/T2.

That’s why trying to get some good opinions especially as a Room server.

If you would like to keep the T2, you can just buy the CX to use as Roon Core and connect the T2 Ethernet port to the CX Network port 2. This will be an upgrade over your existing Roon Core.

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Thanks Peter!
I was literally wondering if that would work after reading some of the reviews of the CX and how it can use Ethernet to connect to a dac.
Very interesting concept to trial.

The Network 2 port behaves like a high quality network switch, I believe.

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So if using the CX as Roon Core connected by Ethernet to the T2 nothing in settings would really change on the T2 at all.
Would see the Ethernet input just as if it was coming via my present nuc yes?

You would need to transfer your Roon Core from your present NUC to the CX. After that you’ll probably need to re-enable (but I’m not 100% sure) the Lumin T2 in the Roon Core running on CX.