Antipodes EX as just a renderer or both server and renderer

My roon server is a NUC (8th gen, with 16GB memory and ROCK installed). I just got an antipodes EX. Do you think I’ll benefit from using the Antipodes EX as both server and renderer and sell my NUC or should I keep the NUC as the server and use the EX as just the renderer?

How are you connecting to the rest of the system?
Are you still using the Naim Uniti Star?

The EX is supposed to be a better renderer than a server (CX is the better server) - why not try it both ways and hear what you like the best?

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The EX is connected to the DAC using a curious USB cable. The DAC is a MSB Analog DAC. Every other component after the DAC is Von Gaylord (Preamp, monoblocks, interconnects, power cables, speakers)

Thanks for the context; I don’t think I can add anything…

If you can add the CX to the EX then you will have a stunning front end.


Yes, I am trying to see if the nuc will cut it, in place of a CX Haha

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Haha…indeed, however I’m not sure how you would know if the combo is as good as the Antipodes “Solution” unless you tried a CX also?

Well, ideally I’d love it if someone loans me a CX to try haha. But since that is highly unlikely, I am asking for opinions may be from people who have tried both options :slight_smile:

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You could speak to Elite Audio. I know they do home demos/trials. The CX may be one of those items.

If it helps, here is a review of a guy that added the CX to the EX to have ‘The Solution”