Any advantage to connecting core to speakers via Ethernet cable?

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, my living situation doesn’t allow me to connect a cable between my core and the router. Would it be any advantage to connect my pc (my core) to my speakers via ethernet cable?

Which speakers and how are they connected now?

Hi. Thanks. KEF LS50w ii and they are connected wireless.

Well, do you experience drop-outs or any other problems with music reproduction from your Roon server on the KEF speakers?

If not (and you don’t mention it), what advantage have you on your mind could there possibly be? An advantage in sound quality? No…

So, if your wireless connection is stable, works well for you and doesn’t produce drop-outs, then leave your system alone and enjoy your music… That’s my advice, anyway…


I see. I agree with @Andreas_Philipp1 but if you have connection issues: Ethernet doesn’t work (in normal home configurations) by running cables between devices but by connecting all devices to a common switch. So what you could do, if you can, is to run Ethernet from the speakers to the router or to a switch that’s connected to the router. This would take load of the wifi and leave more wifi bandwidth to your PC.

OK thanks. So far I haven’t had any connectivity issues, so I’ll just leave it the way it is.

Does that even work or am I misreading it? @Suedkiez has commented.

I am plotting a pair of Kef wireless , as far as I have read you need the ethernet on the speaker connected to your network , via a router or switch just like any network device , ie Roon Ready Endpoint

I have the LS50W2S and they’re the worst audio purchase I have made. Mine do need an ethernet connection between the speakers and to the router despite being close enough so that I can touch both at the same time.
Other wireless kit using Roon RAAT or LMS or Plex works much further away in my house.
Firmware updates that you cannot decline or postpone. There were issues for months with subs switching off mid play with workarounds needed, firmware updates that disabled the sub out channel last year.
Their support listen, promise call backs, then don’t.
I’ll never buy active speakers again and never this brand.

I haven’t put the money down yet so thanks , I did debate the Active or the LS Meta and an amp . Currently I have no speakers and no amp, just a headphone amp / streamer so it’s really all up for grabs .

I had no worries about KEF as a brand , I had some KEF Concertos years back that were excellent.

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You can connect them wirelessly to each other and your network. It just reduces the sample rate they will accept and process. 48/24 if speakers are paired wirelessly if I remember rightly.

Yes I saw that but I would use Ethernet to connect and link as well if I went that route.

I just made the mistake of auditioning the L S 50 and a sneak at the LS60 , it’s only money :joy:

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