Any Advantage to internal music SSD over USB attached storage

Have an i3 NUC with an internal system SSD drive. The music library is hosted on an external 1TB Samsung T5 drive. Works without complaint.
Was wondering if an internally mounted 1 or 2 TB SSD would have any sonic advantage over an external T5 USB drive. (is one disc interface preferable to the other)

If you directly feed an USB DAC with the ROON core and use a linear power supply to power the core there might be sonic advantage. If the above can be answered with a no I doubt there will be any sonic advantage audible.

An internal SSD will have a significant positive impact on the user experience regarding to browsing and load times though.

Thanks for your reply…I do have the ROCK connected by ethernet to my DAC and the ROCK is powered by an LPS which, in turn is connected to a AQ Niagara 5000 power conditioner.
Assuming the music files are either on an internal SSD drive or on an external USB bus-powered SSD (T5) drive, would the interface of these two drives, one via USB and the other via SATA influence the sonics . There are a number of USB “jitter reducing” devices on the market suggesting the protocol is noisy and requiring some hardware solutions so this prompts my question.
Would the internal disc drive interface (assuming it is SATA) be “quieter” than the externally mounted USB drive? Or is this just too crazy?

You said it. :smile: You’ve rightly separated Core from your DAC using Roon Bridge and Ethernet. No need to worry about a spinning disk or jitter for that matter–RAAT moves data asynchronously.

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What Martin said.

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