Any advice for "dummies" for DSD through squeezebox?

I have read through posts with dsd+squeezebox. I am still confused.
I run my SB straight to integrated amp via coax.
Do I need to run it to a seperates dac to get dsd?
What is a DoP and do I need special software to run that?

Any step by step for dsd through squeezebox for dummies?

Are you able to play flac files and/or Tidal via Roon to your squeezebox?

Yes I can play flac and even higher Rez up to 192

DSD is a completely different animal than PCM. The first step is to make sure that your DAC actually can play DSD. And beyond that if your DAC can support DOP. DOP is a method of sending DSD encapsulated in PCM. To do this, your DAC has to accept it in that format as it needs to pull the DSD out from the PCM wrapper.

Why do you want to play DSD? Just to try it out? Some people find DSD pleasing, others like myself do not. Squeezeboxes, at least the touch with the EDO enhancement, can do DOP to a DAC which accepts it. Which squeezebox do you have and what is the make and model of the integrated amp?

I have a squeezebox touch and a Yamaha as500 int. Amp. Yes I want to test out DSD. I have never heard it.
What don’t you like about DSD? Never heard anything bad about it.

That sounds like a whole new topic to me … do me a favour and create one so I don’t have to move 50 posts tomorrow morning. I’ve got family stuff to do :wink:

The yamaha doesnt have dac that i could see, correct? You connect the squeezebox over the phono outs? Or do you connect over coax?

My pre-amp/dac does not do dsd, so in the settings/audio/squeezebox/squeezelite settings
I set dsd playback strategy to convert to pcm.
If you amp does have a dac, and supports dsd, then you can try to set it to ie dsd over pcm (dop).

Of course that might not be considered true dsd :smile:.

Is how it then looks for me (the downsampling is because I play squeezelite over coax to a 96k Dac).

So I just purchased an iFi Audio iDAC2 that supports DSD. I have EDO installed on my SB Touch and the DAC connected via USB. It’s playing my DSF files in Roon via DoP with no problems. Great sounding DAC for the money, to boot. iFi may add MQA support in the future as well, so this is looking like a good solution. I have the DAC outputing via RCA to my Naim MuSo’s analog in.