Any advice for ripping services?

I have a small collection, by community standards, < 10K tracks, but some of them go back 20 years. I’m thinking of getting the whole thing re-ripped to FLAC. Does anyone have any recommendations for a service? Might do it myself with fubar2000 - that’s take a month - but I might get lazy.

MediaMonkey (tagger / manager) + Discogs plug-in (comprehensive, free database), which includes EAC for ripping.

I’ve sent a bunch of people to Ari Margolis at Golden Ear Digital and all have been very pleased with his level of service and the end result. Jobs have ranged from a small number of SACDs to thousands of CDs. I recently had him rip some SACDs for me and I couldn’t be happier with what he delivered.


I re-ripped around 1500 cd’s about 3 years ago to flac. Used EAC, highly recommend it.

I had ripped most of them back in early 2000’s to WMA as MP3 was the new kid on the block back then, WMA just wasn’t cutting it 15 years later :slight_smile:

Moreover, the actual process of ripping was a “fun slog” so to speak. You can get to see all your old albums again and maybe listen to bits and pieces from them as you go along.

Now I am toying with scanning the artwork of them all for roon, haha.

Am a bit stuck on the box sets; the books are almost impossible to scan without destroying them. Damn these 1st world problems!

If you do consider doing it yourself get a few DVD drives and buy dbpoweramp batch ripper which enables concurrent ripping. I wouldn’t have made it through my collection one cd at a time.

Or buy a Nimbe and then sit back and relax… until it jams and loads 2 discs at once :wink:

Anyone know if my Meridian 818v3 will accept ripped SACD files which I presume would be in DSD? If so would I use the network or USB input?

It accepts it over USB.

I have a nimble. It’s worth it, trust me👍🏻

Have you tried a disc ripped to SACD files into the 818? I’m guessing it must be DoP so the ID41 can’t handle the full conversion? Or am I misunderstanding ?

I haven’t ripped SACD. The files are downloads, DSF. Roon plays them encapsulated in DoP. That’s the only variant I have tried.

I once got a DFF file, didn’t work, I don’t remember if I gotthat resolved…

I’m not dedicated to DSD, as you can tell.

Yes the 818v3 accepts DSD as DOP over its USB (and I think SPDIF too). It can’t do that over the ID41 because that card is limited to 96kHz and DOP is 176kHz.

No one quite knows what kind of conversion the 818v3 doesn’t with DSD.

@moderators maybe you can split this 818 discussion off?