Any chance on Pandora?

Absolutely love Roon. And as a Bryston and Bluesound dealer, I’ve been singing Roon’s praises to many clients.

Your integration of Internet radio stations was a great addition, and I personally would love to see Pandora added in the exact same fashion/implementation.

I’m not referring to the upcoming Premium service. Just a listing of my Pandora channels is all that I would need (and of course the ability to Thumb up/down).

Any chance on this? Or is Pandora too busy right now rolling out Premium?


Thanks for the pointer. Somehow missed that thread. (search failure, sigh)
I know that Bluesound also has had a bear of a time with Pandora. You’d think that a service that is trying to play catch-up and stay relevant would be more open to increasing availability.

Oh well, I’ll head over to Pandora and see if I can moan at them! :slight_smile: