Any chance to use HQ Player?

Just a question.
Before the upgrade of the Bridge II, I used to play the combo Roon server/Hq Player in my NUC connected thru USB to my DS DAC with great results. Now after the upgrade of the Bridge I used Roon Server in my NUC, connected to the local net thru RJ45, thus leaving aside HQ Player.
However , the sound is not in the same league. Besides the volume loss (the combo sounds at lower levels) the sound is more flat, with less punch, I am now wondering if there is a way of adding again HQPlayer to the equation, this time by using the bridge and the ethernet connection, instead of the usb one. Thx in advance.

HQP won’t output to a Roon Ready or Roon Bridge device. It does, however, have it’s own network device output known as a Network Audio Adapter or NAA. The NAA software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, including ARM devices, very much the same as Roon Bridge.

So if your DAC were to incorporate the NAA software then you could stream HQP to it directly, alternatively you can use an Ethernet/USB device (Raspberry Pi, CuBox-i, IQAudio, Digi+, SonicOrbiter SE, microRendu) to connect to your DAC.

Obviously having the DAC as an NAA would be best, but you would need to check with PS Audio whether they intend to support an NAA.

do we now know if this will be the case, ie will PS Audio bridge support HQP NAA any time soon?