Any extension which allows Fade in/Fade Out on Macs?

I’m new to the Roon universe, very excited about it, but surprised that Roon doesn’t offer any Fade In/Out for teh music playback. (What do you do when a phone call comes in? Just brutally press the stop button on the music? Fade Out would be soo much nicer…)

I just discovered that Roon offers Extensions. So I thought, maybe a Fade In/Fade Out extension exists???


Not that I’ve seen.

Extensions need to be run in a separate extension manager that is not within Roon. I run it in a dietpi vm on a Windows PC (not the core).

Well, tastes are different, i guess. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Good to know.

Super interesting! I guess this is worth a separate question.

RoonCommandLine version 2.0.7 and later includes a volume fading daemon that can be used to fade volume in a zone or grouped zone at the end of a track and fade back in at the beginning of the next track. This feature was recently implemented in response to @hallo_leo requesting it and helping me design it.

RoonCommandLine version 2.0.7 release 1 is available in RPM and Debian package format for installation on most Linux platforms. On systems which do not support RPM or Debian package installs, manual installation can be performed by cloning the repository and running the ./Install script:

git clone
cd RoonCommandLine

RoonCommandLine is a suite of command line utilities that can be used to automate the control of your Roon Core. It does not touch the Core but resides on a remote system and uses the Roon API to communicate with the Core as an extension. The fading feature is new and still somewhat experimental. Let me know of any problems you encounter.

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