Any good EQ'S FOR Open Baffle Speakers ( project Audio)

Hello All, I would like to know if anyone has some good eq settings for open baffle speakers. Im big with all kinds of music except for rap. Mostly Jazz, strings, rock. Thank you in advance!

You do realize, that with that vague description you’re going to get unspecific advice, if any at all.

That being said, since there are so many variables involved you’re better off taking measurements in-situ to correct from there - anything else is just stabbing in the dark and won’t make you happier …

There’s a phone app called HouseCurve that works pretty well. There’s a thread that the creator is involved in over here: Room correction using your iPhone and HouseCurve


While open baffle (or dipole really) loads a room differently than a box speaker, that has little to do with EQ specific to open baffle.

What are you trying to correct? Any EQ discussion is still relevant.