Any guesses on when Tidal or Qobuz might release an Apple Watch app?

Would love to dump Apple Music, just waiting for one of these two services to come out with the Apple Watch app.

Qobuz has one. It was the sole reason I trailed their service. Now I’m ready to dump Tidal. I think it sounds better. 5 year Tidal streamer.

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Does Qobuz‘s Apple Watch app enable off-line music storage on the watch like the Apple Music app does?

No. It is really basic. You are essentially controlling everything set up on your iPhone.

Ok, sorry, I should’ve made it clear that that’s the key feature I’m waiting for from another music platform.

With watchOS 5 offline music storage was supposed to be more easily integrated than in the past but no one else offers this right now except the Apple Music and maybe Spotify apps, to my knowledge.

Apple Music is a much more pleasant and complete experience than Qobuz on the Apple Watch, but other than gym use I don’t play music on my watch and at the gym I try to focus on lifting heavy stuff and running and not so much time changing tracks.

Can Qobuz stream on Apple Watch data connection, independent of iPhone?

How are controls on the Watch app?